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Introduction to Forex


The foreign exchange market, also known as FX or forex, is the biggest monetary market in the world. It does not receive as much media attention as other markets, but there are over $4 trillion worth of transactions every day. Put simply, foreign exchange market lets you buy and sell money.

It is the market in which currency is traded between countries. There is no single market location. Currency trade is conducted between major financial centers 24 hours a day, five days a week.


Forex Trading Benefits


Forex trading allows you to have a large control over the market while having a small marginal deposit. With this kind of trade, the chances of having financial loss will be brought down to the minimal levels. Another benefit is that when you are engaged in such trading, you will see the easier liquidity in the market.

It is always easier to market or buy and sell currencies in this kind of market than to buy and sell amenities or goods in a traditional market. Convenience will also be observed with this kind of business trade since most of the transactions that you pull will happen while you are home or at your own office.

Another big benefit that you can get is that whether the market is falling or not, you will still earn profit with proper actions taken and to top it all, access to the market is given to you anytime because the market is open 24/7. With all of these benefits, new comers in the field of forex trading will see that a business of pure benefits really does exist.


Market Participants

Unlike the stock market – there are extra participants that trade on the forex marketplace. Other than retail forex traders, the forex market participants are the Governments and Central Banks, Banks and different monetary establishments, Hedgers, and Speculators.



Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis of the currency market deals with studying macroeconomic, social and political factors of different countries, as well as the extent to which they affect the national currencies of these countries.




Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a technique used in forecasting the movement of prices and trends of future market. It entails the study of charts of previous market action. With this method, analysts have an edge in tracking many markets and market instruments at the same time.

forex technical analysis approaches



Trading effectively is no easy task; it is a development and could take years to get the desired results. A lot of sites offering lessons for online forex trading say that it is easy to learn. This may be true, what’s important however, is to get acquainted with the basics and you will surely understand how the forex market work.

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