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A little bit about our history, and the long way we’ve been through, to get where we are today



GoTradeX Power

Today, GoTradex has reached great achievements, and has become and ultimate source of information on the world


Still working very hard

After years of experience in the world of online trading, GoTradeX learned to identify many problems within the industry. Our experts develops the concept for a free, user-friendly broker service to help our readers to make informed decisions about where to make smart investments.


Working very hard

We are working very hard to provide the best information about the leading brokers worldwide. We are testing ourselves all the platforms, writing reviews, and developing the features to represent information in the easiest way.

That’s not easy, but we believe in our way, and our goal is to because an ultimate source of information, for people who are willing to learn more about this fascinating and complicated world of the online trading.


GoTradeX Has been born!

We are happy to start our journey into the global financial world.