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Customer service performance is one of the most important factors when choosing the right service provider for you. In the trading business, it is crucially important to stay updated 24/7 in order to decide what action you need to perform next. There are various ways to communicate with a broker’s customer service, such as phone, email, and live chat. Old school phone is, of course, the best way to communicate with customer service. If this option is available for you, it can give you peace of mind. Live chat is second-best option because it offers a real person trying to help you with the issues. And third option is email; in our opinion it’s not for urgent matters but rather for common questions. The score was compiled by our team members who tested all the various platforms using all the communication ways.

Platform use is one of the most important factors as well, because it should not only be user-friendly, but also sophisticated and comprehensive in order to see the big picture and to understand the variables. So, who are the best platform providers? Our team performed outstanding work to test all the platforms and to understand which platforms are the best, which are average, and which are not recommended. The score is given to the particular broker and incorporates a large number of testing categories. In this way, you’ll be able to choose the best of the best, and not spend your valuable time on brokers that do not fit your needs.

We believe that online trading involves a never-ending educational process. With every single trade you make, you become a smarter and more experienced trader. This is why we think a broker should provide its clients with a rich educational platform as part of their service to help clients increase their trading knowledge and skills. We categorize educational materials in the number of ways, such as webinars, trading simulators where you can practice for free, step-by-step tutorials that will guide you through the whole trading process, and many more. We’ve tested the educational materials and rated them according to the effectiveness and ease of use. If this is learning about online trading is an important aspect for you, please pay special attention to this score.

How much you’ll spend on commissions and fees is one of the most important aspects of online trading because that’s how you are going to save a significant amount of your funds. Every broker charges fees differently; there are cheap brokers and there are expensive brokers. Of course it depends on your experience level, what are the services that suit your individual level. If you are casual or overage stock trader, you should probably go for the cheaper options, if you are more experienced trader, consider the more expensive model, where you’ll get a wider range of trading options and services.  Before you start, have a look at the fees, the broker charges, and make sure you understand all the little details — you don’t want to end up paying extra commissions from your earnings. In any case, we rated the brokers for your convenience.

Today, in the era of smartphones and high-tech, we all expect to have easy-to-use and smart gadgets. We expect the same from online trading brokers when we are looking to get the information about the markets in real time, and to buy and sell our valuables from our smartphones. You’ll be surprised to find out that not all brokers have smartphone applications, and not all applications are easy to use. Especially for you, our team has manually tested every single broker on all the offered devices, such as desktop, iPhone, Android, and tablet. We test platforms on the most common and useful browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.